July 21st, 2014: Backstage with Sofia Vergara at the artRAVE in Los Angeles, California


Look how long Gaga’s real hair is now!

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@ladygaga: Celebrating our Billboard #1 Top 200, #1 Jazz and #1 Traditional Jazz Albums in the US! Sending Tony love across the seas. And to the fans, it’s hard to even find words. I’ll put it in a song 🎺


Interesting how a “fading” artist:

  • Scored her third #1 album in a landscape dominated by pop music with a jazz album
  • Managed to score TWO #1 albums in less than one calendar year (ARTPOP and Cheek to Cheek)
  • And became the first female solo artist to earn three #1 albums this decade

Really interesting


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@ladygaga: So happy today, it’s like dream. Somebody pinch me, but don’t wake me. Heaven, I’m in heaven

Gaga leaving her hotel in Athens, Greece. 9.20.14 HQ